Brunella Rossini

Brunella Rossini

Substitute Director

Via Stefano Franscini 9

CH-6850 Mendrisio

+41 91 6483045

About me

In 1991, after completing my commercial training and a 5-month language study stay in Germany, I started my professional activity at Fiduciaria Mega SA in Chiasso. During my professional career and training at the Chiasso office, I was able to obtain the certificate of specialist in finance and accounting (1995) and then the diploma of specialist in finance and controlling (1999). In 2001, after a 5-month language study stay in Australia, I continued my professional career at the
Lugano branch as vice director and as substitute director at the Riva San Vitale and from 2022 at the Mendrisio branch . My professional experience started at the Chiasso branch and developed in the fields of auditing, accounting law, national tax advice for natural persons and legal entities. At the Lugano branch, I was able to further deepen my knowledge in international tax law, company valuation, preparation of financial plans and budgets, while at the Riva San Vitale and the Mendrisio office I have been able to deal with issues related to real estate tax consulting in the management of important real estate projects and tax issues related to inheritance.

Areas of activity

  • Swiss tax advice for individuals and companies
  • National tax law, property gains tax, VAT, withholding tax and federal stamp duty
  • Tax advice in real estate transactions
  • Tax planning
  • Self-disclosure and representation in negotiations with tax authorities
  • Accounting law
  • Business and administrative consulting

Professional experience

  • Substitute director of Mega SA, Mendrisio branch (since 2022)

  • Substitute director of Mega SA, Riva San Vitale branch (2011)

  • Entered fidBe SA, wholly owned by Fiduciaria Mega SA (2011), now branch office of Mendrisio

  • Vice Director Fiduciaria Mega SA, Lugano (2000-2011)
  • Vice Director Fiduciaria Mega SA, Chiasso (2000)
  • Joined Fiduciaria Mega SA, Chiasso (1991)


  • 1999 Finance and controlling expert
  • 1995 Specialist in finance and accounting with federal professional certificate

Affiliations and qualifications

  • Cantonal fiduciary license
  • FAOA – Federal Audit Oversight Authority, licensed audit expert
  • ACF – Association of federally qualified accountants and controllers of Italian-speaking Switzerland
  • EXPERTsuisse – Swiss Expert Association for Audit, Tax and Fiduciary


  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • English