National and international tax law

Thanks to the professional skills of our team and the cooperation with a vast network of foreign advisors, we can support natural persons, entrepreneurs, companies, investors, and international groups on Swiss and international tax law issues.

Tax compliance and tax administration

From your tax declaration to withholding tax, stamp duty, notification procedure and VAT. We take care of all tax obligations for your business.

International tax law

Thanks to our team’s expertise and collaboration with a large global network of advisors and experts, we provide specialised international tax advice.

Mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and holding structures

We advise on all transactions: mergers, acquisitions or divestments, including tax, accounting and legal due diligence services for sellers and buyers:

  • Extraordinary finance transactions: mergers, acquisitions, demergers and asset transfers
  • Tax, accounting and legal due diligence for sellers or buyers
  • Financing structures

Reorganisation, restructuring and financing operations

Our company assists you as tax, legal, accounting and financial advisor in any procedure aimed at company reorganisation and debt restructuring.

Employee participation

Our specialists can support you in the implementation of employees’ participation models, tax evaluation of participation rights and the tax agreements negotiation (tax ruling).

Tax advice for investment funds, private equity, venture capital and start-up

Our tax law team provides investment advice on private equity, venture capital and start-up funds.

Trusts and foundations consulting

We offer tax and legal advice on all aspects of the management of trusts and foundations, from set up, to migration to other jurisdictions and possible liquidation.

Recovery of and/or exemption from foreign withholding taxes

Many years of experience dealing with international taxation issues give us the knowledge to advise you on recovery claims and exemptions from foreign withholding taxes.

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