Legal consulting

Step by step, we help you focus on and solve the legal aspects of your projects, in your professional and private life

Foundation of companies

Capital structure, location assessment, statutes and regulations, financing options and shareholders’ agreements. Setting up a company in Switzerland is easier if we take care of the legal and bureaucratic aspects.

  • Advice on legal (non-notarial) aspects of a company set up
  • Financing options, capital structure, location assessment
  • Shareholder agreements / drafting of shareholders’ agreements,
  • Statutes, organisational and other regulations

Purchase and sale of companies

We support all matters relating to the purchase and sale of companies, in Switzerland and abroad: letters of intent, confidentiality agreements, due diligence controls, financial issues

  • Advice on all aspects of the purchase and sale of companies
  • Letter of intent
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Due diligence control

Corporation law (Ltd and PLC)

From choosing the legal form to regulating the relationship between partners, we provide you with personalised advice on all matters related to corporate law. Our aim is to ensure that every decision you make is made in an informed manner.

  • Advice on all matters related to corporate law
  • Corporate structure and organisation
  • Commercial register law
  • Amendments to articles of association
  • Capital increases and reductions
  • Shareholder register
  • Mergers, demergers and other corporate restructuring
  • Company liquidation, including deletion from trade register
  • Board of Directors duties and mandates

Precautionary mandate

As a prudential and precautionary measure, you may designate who will have to look after you, your property interests and represent you in legal relations should you become incapable of making decisions.

  • Outline of the Swiss legal framework, the possibilities for appointing one or more representatives, the different tasks of the representatives.
  • Assistance in focusing on the interests to be protected.
  • Assistance in formulating the content and complying with the form of the advance directive

Inheritance law

With discretion and professionalism, we offer legal advice on inheritance law and assistance in choosing the tools and procedures to achieve our clients’ goals.

  • Advising on inheritance law
  • Executor arrangements in wills and contracts of inheritance
  • Heirs representation, estate management, inheritance division

Labour law

Different labour law regulations make it essential to consult an expert. We help you with contracts drafting, termination agreements and all issues concerning social security and minimum wage.

  • Advice on all matters relating to labour law
  • Employment contracts and regulations
  • Employment law agreements, termination agreements, dismissals
  • Personnel regulations
  • Employee participation plans
  • Social insurance issues
  • Minimum wage issues

Contracts wording and review

We provide you with our expertise to examine the contracts you are considering signing or intend to submit to your contract partners, in order to best protect your interests.

  • Legal advice on the review of contracts of various kinds: commercial contracts, service contracts, purchase and sale contracts, employment contracts, lease contracts, loan agreements, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), general terms and conditions (GTCs), disclaimers, …
  • Assistance in drafting contracts of various kinds

Foundation law

With a foundation, assets are earmarked for a specific purpose. We assist you in conceiving your project and turning it into reality.

  • Legal advice on foundation set up under Swiss and foreign law
  • Preliminary examination of the existence of the conditions for tax exemption
  • Application for tax exemption

Data protection

All over the world, there is increasing attention and sensitivity to the topic of data protection. We provide advice on how to comply with data protection regulations.

  • Review of activities subject to data protection regulations
  • Advice on compliance with applicable regulations

Purchasing real estate in Switzerland

The purchase of real estate in Switzerland is subject to certain conditions and legal restrictions. In particular, foreigners purchasing real estate in Switzerland might be subject to authorisation by competent authorities. Our experts will advise and support you in your real estate transactions.

  • Examination of the legal situation and subjection to Swiss legislation on Acquisition of Immovable Property in Switzerland by Foreign Non-Residents (LAFE) / ANRA)
  • Application for authorisation with the competent authorities in Ticino
  • Notarial contracts review
  • LAFE regulation

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