Specialised consulting

We advise on national and international family office needs, in the areas of e-commerce, cryptocurrency and blockchain, as well as in the Swiss real estate and fiduciary sector

Multidisciplinary consulting and family office services

Every family has its own history, image and values. With our family office services, we support families in important business and succession decisions.

  • Multidisciplinary consulting
  • Coordination of different professionals
  • Management of service personnel
  • Administrative support and payments

Consulting for real estate projects and brokerage services

We assist real estate investors in tax and financial advisory aspects

  • Restructuring and tax optimisation of real estate assets
  • Business plans and liquidity plans
  • Financial consultancy to obtain bank loans
  • Tax assistance and real estate tax fulfilment calculations

Regulating generational wealth through trusts and/or similar structures

We can suggest, create and manage multiple asset protection and inheritance planning structures such as trusts and foundations. We work in the present to pass on your wealth to future generations.

Tax exemption for non-profit organisations

We accompany non-profit organisations in all steps to apply for tax exemption or its renewal.

Consulting in the area of cryptocurrencies and blockchain

We believe in technological innovation, which is why we support you with tax and accounting advisory services in the field of cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICOs.

Application for work and residence permits

We support our clients in every procedural aspect when applying for work and residence permits for EU and non-EU citizens.

Settlements and bankruptcy management

Thanks to more than 50 years of experience in Switzerland as accountancy and estimate consultants, we offer our services as commissioners for the administration of settlement and bankruptcy proceedings.

Assessments and estimates

We carry out complex accounting and cash flow analyses in order to prepare assessments and estimates in response to specific questions from authorities, in case of litigations and arbitrations.

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