Marco Veglia

Marco Veglia

Substitute Director

Vicolo Nassetta 2

CH-6900 Lugano

+41 58 896 96 00

About me

After obtaining the federal professional certificate of Specialist in Finance and Accounting in 1993, I was active in the field of administrative accounting consultancy. Subsequently, I gained significant experience in the field of taxation, in direct taxes, withholding tax, stamp duty and value added tax, assisting banks, companies (public and private) and entrepreneurs in major projects. I am mainly involved in advising banking institutions, public and private companies, entrepreneurs in the field of national taxation and ordinary and extraordinary administrative management.

Areas of activity

  • Specialist VAT advice
  • Specialist advice Withholding tax and stamp duty
  • Consulting in the field of direct taxes PF and PG
  • Tax advice in real estate transactions
  • Reorganisations/restructuring (M&A), takeovers and financing of companies and generation handovers
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Advice on closing accounts
  • Audit of accounts
  • Personnel management
  • Outsourcing of administrative services (accounting, personnel management)

Professional experience

  • Substitute director of Fiduciaria Mega SA (since 2010)
  • Joined Fiduciaria Mega SA, Lugano (1996)
  • Paolo Mondia business tax consultancy – Chiasso (1995 -1996)
  • Fiduciaria Verga SA, Lugano (1995)


  • Specialist in finance and accounting with federal professional certificate (1993)
  • Tax expert course

Affiliations and qualifications

  • EXPERTsuisse – Swiss association of federally certified accountants, tax and fiduciary experts
  • Cantonal fiduciary license
  • FAOA – Federal Audit Oversight Authority, licensed audit expert
  • ACF – Association of federally qualified accountants and controllers of Italian-speaking Switzerland


  • Italian
  • French
  • English