Our client relationship

In keeping with our Mission and Vision – Share and Solve – we at fiduciariaMega SA abide by our six core values in every area of our business:

  • our staff are our most valuable assets: we invest in their continued education; they are highly competent, committed, creative professionals with strong ethical values and more than ten years’ experience;
  • we are well aware of the diversity and complexity of the problems that we deal with and of the fact that business activities
    – transcend national boundaries
    – are multidisciplinary in nature
    – require swift decisions;
  • we work closely with dependable professionals in other sectors. We have a proven international network of consultants and enjoy an excellent relationship with local authorities;
  • we offer solutions tailored to our clients’ individual needs and organise teams of specialists to focus on their specific requirements and objectives, following each client very closely;
  • we assist our clients in the implementation of complex projects, remaining their go-to source of expertise in the medium to long term;
  • we act as a sparring partner for our clients helping them make important business decisions.